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Tri-Sectional Buildings
A Tri-Sectional building is one that has three parts or "sections". A "center" section and two "side" sections made as a Lean-To. The Tri-Sectional will encompass an overall width of all sections. The center can be up to 30 feet wide and the two sides up to 12 feet wide without any additional charges. This makes up a total width of 54 feet. It can have up to a 12-foot leg height (which will produce peak headroom of about 15 feet) for no additional charges.

Tri-Sectional structures can come many ways. As you can see from checking out our pictures it's endless the ways you can close ends/sides to make a unique look! They can also be used as a building block for a "future" building. Meaning, you start with a Tri-Sectional building and keep it all open or maybe just close the two sides for now! We can always come back and close the ends (which cost double the price of the sides) so that way you build it in phases/stages to make it more affordable! Might be easier to pay it in increments rather than tackle the expenses all at once! Our Sales Advisors are here to help you manage your money when building a larger project.

The photos here will show you the limitless combinations you can create. After reviewing them just call us for a free quote.

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Tri-Sectional Building Pictures:
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