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Q: How long will it take to get my carport delivered after I place my order?
Answer: Most orders are installed within two to eight weeks depending on your location and the company used to build your structure. While it is rare for a building to take more time we make every effort to get your structure installed within this time frame. We install thousands of buildings each year, there are many times where installation can take longer than normal due to many factors including holidays or special events, and severe weather.

Q: I'm pouring the cement slab for my carport. What size do I need to make it?
Answer: The slab should be ¾ inch wider and ¾ inch longer than the frame.

Q: What margin of adjustment will I have to level my carport?
Answer: You will have about 3-4 inches to be able to make adjustments without additional charges. Make sure to cover any “ground issues” with your Advisor so they can help you with possible “options” if your ground is more than 4 inches out of level.

Q: What are the dimensions of the carport, outside to outside?
Answer: We measure carports in Width x Length x Height. Example: 18 x 21 x 6 Length dimension is measured by the roof metal having a 6" overhang on each end of the bottom base rail so it’s one foot shorter than the roof. So the frame would be 18x20 but the roof is 18x21. Width is measured from the outer edge of one base rail across to the other outer edge of the base rail.

Q: What constitutes a custom building requiring extra costs?
Answer: Any structure that will be over 30 ft wide or 14ft tall requires special equipment at an additional charge (unless you specify that you will provide it) and also requires the purchase of “special drawings”. It also will only allow you to build it with an A- Frame Vertical roof. And if 36 ft wide must be ALL Vertical (Roof/Sides /Ends). Please refer to your Advisor about these charges.

Q: Can we match a competitor’s price?
Answer: We are able to give up to a 10% discount on the order to match a competitor’s price on an “identical” structure over $1500.00. You must provide a written quote on the company’s letter head or an “official” order form from the company. No emails or hand written quotes. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a 10% discount has already been used for our quote an additional 10% discount is not allowed.

Q: Is insulation available for my building?
Answer: Yes, we provide insulation ask your Advisor for details. It is available only on vertical roofs, vertical sides and vertical ends.

Q: Do you have clear panels available for my roof?
Answer: Yes, they are available in certain areas of the United States and come in 2 sizes: 3’x4’ and 3’x8’ and must be installed in Vertical roofs only. Please ask your Advisor for details.

Q: How WIDE do I need my carport?
Answer: These are recommended sizes:

   - 12ft= 1 car
   - 18ft= 2 cars
   - 20ft= 1car+1truck
   - 24ft= 2 “dually” trucks

However, you should visualize that a parking space at Walmart for example is 9ft wide. So is 18ft going to give you enough room (that’s as close as you would be parked next to another car at Walmart)? Take into consideration whether you will put a lawn mower or motorcycle, or storing things next to the car(s) and “allow” extra footage! Seems the number one comment that’s made by a customer after the carport is installed is, "Wow, I should have gone bigger!".
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