certified vs. un-certified
The most important question we can ask our customer is “Are you going to need a permit where this structure is going?”

If you answer “ yes ” to this question you MUST build the structure Certified.
If you answer “ no ” or “I’m not sure/don’t know” then you might want to take a look at “what’s the difference”.

Size Differences:
14 Gauge: 2.50" x 2.50" Square Tubing
12 Gauge: 2.25" x 2.25" Square Tubing

Engineering Strengths:
12 Gauge steel is slightly stronger however since the 14 Gauge tubing is 1/4" larger, then both the 12 Gauge and 14 Gauge tubing have the same structurally engineered strength/durability.

Use the comparsion chart below to help you:


14 Gauge   12 Gauge   Features
X X   X X   30 Day Workmanship Warranty.
X X   X X   Bow/Peak Bracing Every Corner.
X X   X X   Leg Bracing Every Corner.
X X   X X   Rebar in Every Corner.
X X   X X   Leg Spacing 5ft On-Center Spacing.
Legs spaced 5ft apart from one another.
  X   X X   Guaranteed to Meet Your Local Building Codes.
100% Money-Back Guarantee to meet your local building code requirements.
      X X   20 Year Rust-Through Warranty.
Fully insure your metal structure from rust through. Great for costal areas!
  X     X   20 Year Snow & Wind Warranty.
Local For Local Code Requirements.
  X     X   Engineered Drawings.
For standard sizes. Custom sizes/options require special drawings for an additional fee.
  X     X   Anchors in Every Corner.
Anchoring will be Mobile Home Anchors, or Asphalt Anchors, or Concrete Anchors.
  X     X   Additional Anchors Every 10ft.
Installed closer per engineered drawings to meet local install/building codes.
  X     X   Additional Leg Bracing Every Leg.
Welded Square Tubing OR Bolted U-Channel. Except ends if fully enclosed.
  X     X   Leg Spacing Closer Together As Required.
Adds strength per engineered drawings to meet local install/building code.
  X     X   Additional Bow/Peak Bracing on Every Bow/Peak.
Welded Square Tubing OR Bolted U-Channel. Except ends if fully enclosed.


What’s the difference Certified or Uncertified?

  • Certified structures are built to meet or exceed your local codes for Wind/Snow loads. They will pass inspection and come with the Engineered Drawings necessary to obtain a Permit absolutely free. Some city/counties may require special drawings for custom or certain size structures and there will be extra cost. Your sales specialist will be able to give you those cost when you get your quote.
  • Certified structures carry up to a 20-year warranty for Wind/Snow damage. If you chose to go with a 12 Gauge structure you will add a 20-year warranty for Rust!
  • Certified structures have braces at "every" leg and even have extra bows depending on the structure size.
  • Certified structures are anchored into the ground with 30-inch mobile home augers and if going on concrete with concrete bolts.
  • Uncertified structures do not come with Engineered Drawings. And they will not pass inspection for a Permit.
  • Uncertified structures will have a 30-day workmanship only warranty.
  • Uncertified structures will have no extra bows no matter what size structure and will only be anchored to the ground/concrete with 40-inch mushroom cap Rebar
  • Uncertified structures will only have a brace on the "outside" legs (4 corners) only.
So while the differences are a lot the cost is very little to upgrade to a Certified structure. In many cases it’s as little as $200. So please ask your Advisor for a quote for a Certified structure today!
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